Screws and barrels

Twin screws and barrels

Twin screws and barrels

Dext's twin screws and twin screw barrels are compatible to mostly all counter rotating twin screw extruders available on the market.

We manufacture twin screws and barrels, both parallel and conical ones, from a diameter of 35 mm up to 150 mm.

Together with the customer we develope the best screw geometry for specific applications and formulations combined with a wear protection strategy.

Thanks to our screw-design simulation program and our know-how we recognize in each zone of the screws the exact timing of the plasticizing process, compression, melting, and are able to interfere on the future screw design for a better plasticizing, higher outputs and in order to reduce of the wear out.

Wear protection

Wear treatment

Dext offers different wear treatments.

The common wear protection treatment used is the nitration process. The surface's rigidity is accurately controlled to be between 58 and 60 HRC in order to guarantee a long durability.

Plasma or gas nitrating of twin screws is done in co-operation with our partners. To guarantee the quality of the process, certificates of quality are issued. After that the twin screws will pass through a rigorous quality controll.

Several applications or the use of high percentage of filler need an increasement of the hardness of the screws. 

Hard chrome platting, MO coating, tungsten carbide and other wear treatments are parts of our manufacturing equipments.

Parallel Twin screws and barrels

Parallel twin screws and barrels

Parallel twin screws are common on all fields of plastic extrusion.

A very important aspect for our customers is the flexibility of using parallel twin screws.

Our company has a successful experience in calculating, designing, manufacturing and commissioning parallel twin screws and barrels from diameter of 50 mm up to 157 mm.

Thanks to our know-how and sophisticate calculatory programms as well as 3-D designing we manufacture our twin screws to be able to work in different weather conditions and application with different formulations.

Conical twin screws and barrels

Conical twin screws and barrels

Dext offers almost the whole range of conical twin screws and barrels. 

Special care is given on the wear protection and the customized screw design.

We design and deliver special screw designs for pipe, profile, granulate extrusion, with high percentage of filler and not.

Screw and barrel tempering

Screws' and barrels' tempering

The barrel temperature control is done by well-engineered, air cooled special ceramic heating elements. This system has the advantage to be free of maintenance. The air cooled system suits very well to climatically hot conditions. Another advantage is that the heating-cooling combination is energy saving, thanks to the very good ceramic insulation which permits the temperature to infiltrate into the barrel with a very minimal loss in the outer surface. A maximum of 25% of saved energy can be achieved thanks to this innovative heating-cooling combination.

Single screws and barrels

Single screw and barrel

Our single screws and barrels are produced with Germany's most advanced technology. Only CE and ISO 9001 Quality Certificate approved steel is used. The screw sizes range from 20 mm to 150 mm for single screws. Screws, including smooth and groove feed designs, can be customized for specific applications.



Dext's single screw barrels are made of nitrated steel. We manufacture single screw barrels in the range from 20 mm of diameter up to 150 mm. Our alloys provide dramatically enhanced abrasion and corrosion resistance to barrels operating under severe conditions, especially those using filled materials including glass, titanium, dioxide, quartz, talc, mineral oxides and others.