Pipe Extrusion

Single Screw Extruders

Single screw extruder DEXT 60-36D

Dext GmbH's Single Screw Extruders for pipe application are produced with Germany's most advanced technology. Only CE and ISO 9001 Quality Certificate approved components have been used in its production. With our Single Screw Extruders we can increase the production capacity from a minimum up to 700 kg/hour and manufacture pipes having a diameter ranging between 8 mm to 630 mm with polyethylene and polypropylene raw materials.

The range of our single screw extruders vary from the smallest co-extruder with 20 mm of diameter up to the biggest one with 90 mm.

Heating cooling combination

DEXT heating cooling combination

Our heating cooling combination uses the highest quality resistors. Heating is extremely important while working with plastic raw materials.

Our ceramic heating elements induct the thermal energy directly into the barrel, avoiding any loss of energy and save up to 20% energy thanks to the perfect insulation and the direct heat induction. The cooling fans are well dimensioned to fulfill the needs even in very warm countries where the air temperature can reach 50 degrees Celsius.

Vacuum pipe tanks and water spray tank

DEXT vacuum pipe tanks

We supply vacuum pipe tanks either with single or double vacuum pumps according to the type or diameter of pipes you produce. We ensure that the pipes pass through each of vacuum zones under gradual pressure in order to take a perfect shape. We supply our machine with special measuring devices in order to increase or decrease the amount of vacuum.

Cooling system

DEXT water spray

The distribution of water sprays is especially designed for the best cooling without any damage to the pipe's surface from water drops and water pressure.

Haul-Off units

DEXT haul-off unit

We provide hi-tech Haul-Off units: We supply pipe haul-offs with the option to change the pallet's width according to the pipe'd diameter as well as an adjustable haul-off speed and an adjustable pressing capability for perfect production.

Cutting unit

Cutting shape unit

We can individually determine the cutting shape by using vertical or planetary saws with a diameter of cut pipe up to 630 mm.