Profile Extrusion

Twin screw Extruders

Dext Twin screw Extruders

Dext GmbH provides twin screw Extruders for profile applications which are produced with Germany’s most advanced technology. Only CE and ISO 9001 Quality Certificate approved components have been used in its assembly. With the twin screw Extruders, each being an engineering and technological marvel, you can increase your production capacity from 50-60 kg/hour up to 1500 kg/hour.

Gear boxes, main drives, pumps and control panels

main drives

We install in our Extruders only the best gear boxes, main drives, pumps, control panels. Our research and development department considers with care and attention every possible modification to improve the workability of the Extruder and increase customers’ benefits.

Twin screws and barrels

Dext twin screws and barrels

Our twin screws and barrels are made from the highest steel quality.

We use the highest technology of geometry engineering and modeling techniques in the production of the twin screws and the barrels. We use special steel in the production of screws and thus obtain a maximum surface hardness and smoothness. We ensure homogenous distribution of heat on the screws’ surface and hence maximize the wear resistance. Dext provides options on screw geometry, as well as special coating technologies to increase the output, to improve the plasticizing and reduce the wear. 

Calibration table

Vacuum and water valves.

Our calibration table is specially designed for higher efficiency and stability of profile calibrator. Water and vacuum connections of calibrator tables can be easily increased according to profile type. Equilibrium adjustments required for production (upward - downward, forward - backward, balance, etc.) are designed either as manual or automatic according to the models of machines.

Cooling systems

Vacuum and water valves

Distribution of water is specially designed for the best cooling without any damage to profile surface from water drops and static energy on the manufactured product.

Haul-off units

Dext haul-off unit

We supply a Profile haul-off equipped with a pallet width varying from 200 to 600 mm, adjustable hauling speed between 0,2 m/min and 30 m/min and with adjustable pressing capability for perfect production. We also supply a profile haul-off with alternatives enabling you to perform automatic, semi-automatic or manual lubrication and adjustable haul-off palettes for technical and special profiles.

Profile saws

Profile cutting unit

Our profile saws have blades with a special thin design preventing formation of burrs and dust. Our encoder and switch system will enable your production to have the desired cutting length. You can individually determine the cutting shape by using vertical or planetary saw blades with a diameter up to 500 mm. Saws can also be installed independent from the haul-off upon your request.

Chipless cutting units

Chip-less cutting machinery

We manufacture and supply chipless cutting machinery for a free of waste cutting process. Main advantages are the almost noiseless cutting process, no waste of material or chips and no need of cleaning the profiles after the cut. This high-tec machinery is available in different dimensiones and different applications and can be used online as well as offline.